Monday, 23 February 2009

Hugglets, Kensington

I had a great day at Kensington yesterday, it was a really busy day, there was no sign of 'credit crunch' it was great to catch up with 'Bear' friends and re-home some of my bears. Its always so nice to see the smiles on collectors faces when they look at your creations, my 'cup cake' bears always get great comments.

This is how my stand looked at the start of the show, I lost count of how many times the bears all got a hug!

For some unknown reason although Sydney got picked up hundreds of times no one chose to give him a new home, (maybe I will keep him for myself!)

Ahh, he has such a sad expression. I need to start making more bears ready for my next show which luckily isn't until June 28th in Beaulieu village, lots of time to start creating.

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