Monday, 1 March 2010


'Easter Cupcake'
I had a fabulous day at Hugglets yesterday, lots of my bears, Gollies and Cupcakes now have new homes! The weather was pretty miserable on the journey to Kensington, which luckily didn't put any one off visiting the show, there was already a queue forming when we arrived at 9.30! It was so nice to catch up with friends and also make new ones, and a big thank you to every one who chose to take home a Teeny Bear. I look forward to planning new bears for next September so I can do it again.

Bride, Groom & Bridesmaid 'Cupcake'

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karen said...

I just popped over from fairie nuffs blog because I just had to tell you that you are one very talented lady I really do admire your work.
Hope you've had a lovely day