Thursday, 25 June 2009


These are the last few bears ready to go to Beaulieu Bear Fair on Sunday, I am really looking forward to the show, the weather forecast looks good so there should be lots of visitors, there are lots of bear related things going on throughout the village, a great day out especially for the children. This is Dolly, I thought I would try something different, I am really pleased with her, it will be good to see what comments I get about her.

This is my entry into 'A Great British Summer' competition which will be judged on the day, fingers crossed the judges like mine!

I haven't yet named this Bear, I always find this the hardest part, she is wearing a lovely vintage embroidery englaise dress and wears a pink silk ribbon on her head (any ideas of a name?)

Ah don't they look good together? I'm quite tempted to keep these 2 for myself!

This one I air brushed although the picture doesn't show it very well, he has some on his paws and around his eyes and muzzle, he is also waiting to be named. I am hoping the recession will not make a difference to the turnout on Sunday, I know Amanda and Julie the organisers have worked very hard to put the show together and hope it is as much a success as last year.


Mandy said...

Oh I love them all thank you for reminding me about the Beaulieu Bear Fair. I might just pop along.
I love all of your bears and wish I had the money to buy them there.
If I had a choice of name for your bear I love the old fashioned names so I would go for Elsie or Mabel.

Tina said...

Hi Mandy
I like the names you suggested, I think I will call the one wearing the dress Elsie.
Hope you can make it on Sunday, please come and say hello I will be in the Village Hall.